Humanist Handfasting

The Spiritual Nature of Handfasting

On Sunday 6th May, Ailsa & Darius said “Aye Do!” in the stunning venue of the Edinburgh Caves, beneath the capital city of Scotland. It was (for once) a beautiful sunny day, and everybody came out in their best bib & tucker to join the happy couple as they made promises to love, honour and protect each other, and to witness them becoming husband and wife.
As part of their ceremony, Ailsa & Darius chose to have a mini-handfasting, using only one ribbon which then had 2 knots… one to symbolise their past journey together, and one to symbolise their future together as husband and wife. And it was a really beautiful and spiritual moment, which highlights that there really is no right or wrong way when it comes to Handfastings… and it’s not how many cords you use, or knots you tie…. but rather, it’s about the intention behind the Handfasting. A Handfasting ritual it’s not just about the binding of hands…. it’s about the binding of the vows and the promises a couple make to each other.

Handfastings (like all Unity rituals) should be spiritual in nature, meaning there should be elements of symbolism, mysticism, and magic, and they should always be conducted with heart and great respect. So, whenever I’m asked to conduct a Handfasting, I always take some time before the ceremony even begins, (in fact usually before the guests even start arriving)… to call upon the four elements of Earth, Water, Fire & Air and to ask them to bring a beautiful energy into the room, to bless the bindings (cords or ribbons), and to keep me centered … and by doing this, I feel it brings grace, majesty and a wee bit of magic to the ceremony 🙂

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