Cloot or clout (rhymes with hoot) means a cloth, rag, dishcloth, duster, bandage, baby's nappy, patch or garment. It is this last sense in which it is used in the well known saw, 'Neer cast a cloot till mey be oot' which recommends that you do not remove your winter semmit (vest) until the hawthorn, or may, is in flower.

Clootie Blessing

The Clootie Blessing Ritual taken from the Scottish Clootie Wells

I absolutely love all the different rituals that we see in ceremonies today, but none more so than our very own ancient Scottish rituals, such as Handfasting, the Quaich and the Oathing Stone. But I’m always researching and looking for new rituals that could be offered as part of a Ceremony, and the Clootie Blessing has been developed by me from the idea of the old Clootie Wells of Scotland.

These are areas that can still be found in certain areas of Scotland where there is a natural spring, and thousands of years ago people would have visited the Clootie Wells to leave offerings to the Gods or Spirits in return for good health or good fortune. This was done by by soaking a piece of cloth (cloot or clootie) in the natural spring water and then tying it on one of the trees surrounding the well, while at the same time praying or asking for a blessing.


Clootie Blessings are ideal for a Wedding Ceremony, Vow Renewal, Commitment Ceremony or any kind of Baby Ceremony.


If you would like to find out more about this beautiful blessing, and how it can be incorporated into your ceremony, you can watch the video below…

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