Funeral Ceremonies

Losing someone you love is hard, and saying that final goodbye can be so terribly painful. This is why it is so important that your final farewell is carried out exactly the way you want it to be. You may want the service to be non-religious, meaning completely free of any religious content, or you might want to sing favourite hymns and/or have a reading from the bible.  You might want to include family members in the service, and I welcome and encourage this. You may even want to have special items on display such as medals, trophies or photographs. You might want me to dress in black, or you may want me to wear a Batman t-shirt. It's completely up to you.

As an Independent Funeral Celebrant, I work closely with the family to create a service that is unique, personal and memorable. Sometimes I am introduced to the family by a Funeral Director , whilst other times I am approached directly by the family. But however an introduction is made, I work alongside the family to ensure the service is delivered exactly to their wishes.

Following the introduction, there will be a meeting arranged with the family, at a time and place to suit. This initial meeting can last anything up to 2 hours, and during this time I will collect lots of information to create a life story... memories, stories, anecdotes, hobbies. These will allow me to prepare a tribute that will capture the true essence of your loved one.

Once I have written the tribute, I will email a copy to the family for final approval, and edit it according to your feedback. Between our meeting and the day of the funeral, I will be available by telephone and/or email to answer and questions you may have. Following the service, you will receive a bound copy of the tribute.

I offer several options for a funeral service:
Service at Crematorium followed by Cremation
Service at Crematorium followed by Burial
Service at Cemetery Chapel followed by Burial
Graveside only Service
Service at Other Location followed by Committal at Crematorium or Graveside
Service at Other Location followed by Cremation

If you need help organising a celebrant for the funeral of a loved one, please contact me on any of the options below:

01786 841609 (office)
07845 053509 (mobile)
07800 950647 (alternative mobile)


Your Ceremony, Your Way