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"You may hold my hand for a little while but you hold my heart forever"

If you are looking for a non-traditional wedding, then a Handfasting could be perfect for you. Handfasting is a unique and memorable way for couples to bring something different to your special day. The ritual of handfasting originated thousands of years ago and was a way for couples to express their love before friends and family, and for their status as a couple to be established within the community. Unlike today where a marriage is designed to last forever, a handfasting ceremony was an agreement to be bound "for a year and a day".

2016-05-21_at_143105During the handfasting, cords are tied around the couple’s wrists, (traditionally they would stay bound until the wedding night!) while the celebrant speaks words of commitment. As each cord is tied, and commitment made, the celebrant pronounces: "And now the binding is made". There can be up to 6 cords tied depending on the preference of the couple.

Many couples choose to include this ancient but beautiful ritual in their ceremony , and even William and Kate had a handfasting as part of their wedding ceremony in St. Paul's Cathedral.

A lovely way of including children in your ceremony, or if two families are joining together, is to include them in the handfasting. The children are asked to come forward and then all the hands are joining together, while the celebrant will say something like,

"(name of child) these are the hands that will support, encourage and protect you through all of life's up's and down's. Happy times, sad times, love and we hope, great joy. This binding is a reminder of the love and respect that each of you has for the other, and which will last for a lifetime." This is usually where the guests have to grab their hankies!handfasting_celebrant_scotland

Handfasting is where we get the phrases Tying the Knot' and  ‘Bonds of Matrimony’. You can choose to have a full handfasting ceremony at one of the more, well-known locations like Stonehenge, or you can choose to have your ceremony in the mystic forests, hills and glens of Scotland. I include a ‘mini handfasting’ as part of the wedding ceremony if the couple would like it. We do this after your vows and rings, and you get to keep the knotted cords to remember your special day.


Handfasting Cords and Ribbons

You can buy your own handfasting cords or ribbons, you have can them made for you, or you can make your own. Please see our links page for details on where to buy your cords and/or ideas of how to make your own.



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