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Oathing Stone

Lindy Irving, Celebrant, Oathing Stone

It is said that just before Mary Queen of Scots fled to England to seek the protection of her cousin, Elizabeth I, she picked up a stone she had spotted lying in the grounds of Dundrennan Abbey, and as she entered the carriage that would carry her South, she placed her hand upon the stone, closed her eyes and made a pledge to be bound to Scotland for all time.

Throughout history, humans have used rituals and sacred ceremonies as a way to try and establish a connection with something higher than themselves (Spirit, the Universe, God etc). And within these sacred ceremonies, symbolic objects, such as the Oathing Stone have always played an important part.

One of my most favourite spots in Scotland is the Calanais Standing Stones in the outer Hebrides, a mysterious stone ring erected between 4,500 and 5,000 years ago. From above the stones form a cruciform pattern with a central monolith, and most experts believe this was a place of worship, where many scared ceremonies and rituals would have taken place. It’s a very spiritual place and if you stop for a moment and connect with the stones, you can feel the energy of the all the people who have walked a path there.

When I visited Calanais for the first time, I remember standing in front of the huge central stone, and like a scene from Outlander I was drawn to reach out and place my hand on the stone… and when I did, I felt as if I was connecting with every soul that had been there before. If you ever get the chance to go to Calanais, don’t hesitate! 

Then after visiting the stones, my husband and I returned to our camping spot, which was right on the beach, and I decided to look for an ‘Oathing Stone’. So, I performed a wee ritual in which I sent out the image of a stone in the shape of a heart, and asked to be guided to it. I then walked down to the water where there are thousands of stones, and there sitting in a wee spot on it’s own was the stone you can see in the photo above. It’s the perfect Oathing Stone that has been formed into the shape of a heart by thousands of years of rolling around on the seabed.

So, how does it work in practice?

Well here is just one way….

Imagine the point has come in your ceremony where you are just about to make your Vows to each other. I will hold the Oathing stone in the palm of my hand between you, and ask you both to take a few moments just to remind yourself of the importance of the commitment you are both about to make. When I can see that you are both ready I will ask one of you to place your right hand  on the stone, and to speak your words of commitment to your partner. This will then be repeated by the other.

The Oathing Stone is a very beautiful ritual, and you don’t have to use the stone I provide. Instead, some couples choose a stone (or other object) that has important significance in their lives. 

Lindy Irving, Celebrant


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