Rabbie Burns Vow Renewal

Atholl Palace Scotland

Rabbie Burns Vow Renewal

Not all ceremonies have to be big affairs with lots of guests and grandeur. There were only 5 guests at Mark & Nancy’s Vow Renewal Ceremony in Atholl Palace Hotel, which made it a really relaxed and intimate celebration.

Mark & Nancy had also asked that their 5 guests have an involvement in the ceremony in some way and so with their permission, I decided to just go with the energy in the room and do what seemed natural at the ceremony progressed. This led to 2 of the couples being a part of the Handfasting and their friend Sandra blessing the Quaich.

Oh and this is the first time any of them had been in a kilt!

We had a number of Robert Burns’s poems in the ceremony and this one is simply called “Nancy”

Thine am I, my faithful fair,
Thine, my lovely Nancy;
Ev’ry pulse along my veins,
Ev’ry roving fancy.

To thy bosom lay my heart,
There to throb and languish:
Tho’ despair had wrung its core,
That would heal its anguish.

Take away those rosy lips,
Rich with balmy treasure:
Turn away thine eyes of love,
Lest I die with pleasure.

What is life when wanting love?
Night without a morning:
Love’s the cloudless summer sun,
Nature gay adorning.

Robert Burns

Gorgeous couple, lovely friends, beautiful ceremony!

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