How to have a relaxed Wedding Ceremony.

Looking for a Wedding Celebrant Scotland

How to have a relaxed Wedding Ceremony.

Almost every couple I meet tell me they want to have (amongst other things) a “relaxed” ceremony. But how can you make sure this happens?

The most important step is to choose a Celebrant who will give you exactly the type of ceremony you want. This means you don’t want someone who will just stand there reading the words verbatim and barely lifting their eyes from the folder. You want to choose someone who is confident enough, and comfortable enough to engage with you and your guests. This will make for a much more relaxed and enjoyable experience for everybody (and it will make for much more stunning wedding photos!)

But how can you ascertain this when searching for the right Celebrant?

One of the best ways is to look at the Celebrants videos and photos. All wedding celebrants should at least have a few photos and video clips on their website, and if not email them and ask to see some. This will give you a good idea of the style and confidence of the Celebrant from the start, and it means you are not wasting time contacting those Celebrants who are not a good fit for your ceremony. I try to put as many video clips as possible on my website because that means that if I get an email from a couple, I already know that they have seen and like my style, and this saves any awkwardness later on!

So, try to see videos of the Celebrant in action, and then by putting this together with their communication, pricing and the “feel” you get for them, this should help you in choosing the right Celebrant for your happy day. 

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