Scattering of Ashes


Memorial Services Scotland | Scattering Ashes | CelebrantAn interment or scattering of ashes ceremony is a meaningful way of laying your loved one to rest. It is a time to remember, honour and celebrate all the things that made that person so special to you and those around you.  The service usually takes place on a date after the funeral, and is generally shorter than the funeral service itself .

Although this is a sad time, we can create a service together which reflects your loved one's life and personality. Family members and/or friends may also wish to contribute in some way with a reading or poem and this would be included in the service. In the UK, the scattering of ashes is fairly unrestricted, so the ceremony can take place almost anywhere, and at any time you choose. It is quite common to have a service scattering the ashes of the deceased in a spot he/she loved.

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Scattering of Ashes £100

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