The Scots word wadding (also spelled as waddin to reflect how it is pronounced) comes from the word wad, meaning: to pledge. So a wadding is a pledging.

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Waddings and Rituals

Lindy IrvingI love waddings (weddings)! I love everything about waddings! The love story, the outfits, the guests, the vows, the rings… everything!… and I absolutely adore rituals because they’re such an important and meaningful part of any wedding ceremony.  Whether it’s the beautiful exchanging of the vows, lighting a unity candle or having your hands bound together in an ancient Handfasting, rituals are the heart and soul of a ceremony.


And yet, so many of the ways in which a couple can be legally married are devoid of these sacred ceremonial rituals, which is such a shame because although most couples who choose a Celebrant don’t want a religious ceremony, they still want it to carry the “weight” of a religious ceremony, and Rituals are what brings solemnity and grace to the proceedings.


For this reason and because it’s an honour to be asked to be a part of such a special occasion, I never take a ceremony lightly. Instead, I see every couple as completely unique and so try to make sure that every ceremony is completely unique.

Below, I’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions I get asked, but if you have a question that is not addressed here, just drop me a line at: lindy@ayedoceremonies.co.uk or click here to send an enquiry form.

Will our Ceremony be legal?

If your Ceremony is due to take place after July 2019, then “Yes” it will be a legal marriage. However, if your Ceremony is due to take place before then, it will not be legally recognised in Scotland. This is because at present Independent Celebrants are not currently authorised to conduct legal marriages in Scotland. However, as well as being an Independent Celebrant, I am also an Interfaith Celebrant in training, and following my *ordination in July 2019, I will be authorised by the registrar general to conduct legal weddings in Scotland. Until that time, if you would like to have me as your Celebrant, it just means the legal part of your marriage would take place separately.
This is quite a simple process, and just like you would register the birth of a baby, and then a few days or weeks later you might have a baby blessing ceremony, or when you register a death and then have the funeral a few days after, this is the same principle. And so what most couples do is go to their local registry office a few days before their ceremony to legally register the marriage. This usually lasts about 10 minutes, and most of my couples go in casual clothes. You do not need to exchange personal vows or rings, but you will both need to  say the ‘declatory and contracting words’ in front of the registrar and 2 witnesses. There is a fee for this service which varies from district to district (you need to pay this fee regardless of who is conducting your marriage).
Please click here for information on the legal aspects of getting married in Scotland.

*If for some unforeseen reason my ordination doesn’t take place, you would of course be offered another Celebrant or a full refund.


Are you a Humanist?

No, and this is an important distinction to make because while I do hold many of the principles found in Humanism (the value of human life, and the importance of living a good life), I’m also a spiritual person, which for me means that I don’t believe in a God who has any form, or a God who sits on a cloud watching and judging everybody. I don’t believe in a God who sits back and lets people suffer. I don’t believe in a God who says it’s wrong to fall in love with someone of the same gender. I don’t believe in literal resurrections, or virgin births. I don’t believe in the eternal fires of hell. I don’t believe any of the holy scriptures are divine. I don’t believe minsters, priests, imams, rabbi, or any other type of clergy are able to have any more of a direct relationship with God than any other person. In short, I don’t believe or support any of the man made nonesense that exists in organised religion and has been the cause of so much pain & suffering in the world, and I think we should be speaking out against it at every opportunity. But I do believe in magic and mystery. I believe in parking angels & fairies, witches & wizards and I definitely believe in UFOs & Jedi Knights. I believe in something beyond this world that we don’t have words for, a feeling of something bigger than us that we just can’t explain, a presence that exists within and around us that we don’t have the language to describe, but that pulls us in and allows us to see the world, and humanity at it’s very best.

However, there’s no place for this kind of spirituality within Humanism. This means that if a couple wanted to include any kind of spiritual content, it would at best be frowned upon but perhaps tolerated (don’t allow anything in your ceremony to be be “tolerated”!), and at worst it wouldn’t be allowed at all. That just doesn’t sit right with me. I believe a couple should be able to include whatever is right for them. Additionally Humanists believe we humans have one life and that there is nothing beyond death. I’m just not sure this is true. No-one knows what happens to us after we die… it’s all speculation. And so again, I’m just as uncomfortable with people saying they know there is “nothing” beyond death as those who say the know there is “eternal life”. Let’s just wait and see 😉 However, I do know some lovely Humanist Celebrants who are excellent at what they do.

Can we have an input into our ceremony, and include things like poems, readings and personal vows.

Yes, absolutely and I happily encourage this! My ceremonies are written to ensure I capture the essence of your relationship, and what this special day means to you both. You can choose to have a romantic service, a sentimental service, a lighthearted and funny ceremony, or you can have all these combined. Many couples choose to include friends and family as part of the ceremony, through readings, poems or even songs. Your ceremony should be the talking point for the rest of your day, and through my script writing experience and professional speaking skills, you can be sure friends and family will be talking about your ceremony for days and weeks to come.

Can we have a Civil Partnership?

The Civil Partnership legislation is currently under review in Scotland, but at the moment if you are a Same-Sex couple then yes you can have a Civil Partnership in Scotland, but if you are a heterosexual couple then you cannot currently have a Civil Partnership. However hopefully this will change soon!

Do you conduct Same-Sex Ceremonies?

Yes!.. yes….a thousand times….. YES! I LOVE Same-Sex Weddings! As far as I’m concerned ‘Love is Love’ and people should be free to marry whoever they choose, regardless of gender.

What is a Commitment Ceremony?

A Commitment Ceremony is very much like a wedding ceremony but it has no legal standing. Sometimes a couple will choose to have a Commitment Ceremony if one (or both) is still legally married, and going through a lengthy divorce but they want to make a commitment to their new partner.

Do you travel?

Yes! I’m happy to travel! If a ceremony is within a 50-mile round trip then mileage is included. If it’s over this, then mileage & travel time is charged at 75p/ mile. If you are having an overseas wedding and you would like prices, just drop me a line at: lindy@ayedoceremonies.co.uk or click here to send an enquiry.

If we have children, can we include them in our Ceremony?

Yes! I love when children are part of a ceremony because they are so natural, and they bring a real sense of wonder and magic to events. And there are many different ways for children to be included… from Handfastings and Sand Ceremonies to delivering readings or including a fun game, your children can be a wonderful and memorable part of your day.

Can we have Religious/ Spiritual content within our Ceremony?

Lindy Irving, Celebrant, WeddingsAbsolutely! It’s your day and you can whatever you want in your Ceremony. So, you can choose to have a prayer or a hymn, or you can include a spiritual ritual such as Handfasting or a Sand Ceremony. The most important thing is that it should reflect who you are as a couple, and I’m happy to incorporate whatever that might be. 

Can we have a themed wedding?

Lindy Irving, Celebrant WeddingsYes! You absolutely can! I love themed weddings. So far I’ve conducted ceremonies or services where I’ve been Batman, a Scottish Ellen De Generes, and Princess Leah but I’m open to pretty much anything!

Why should I choose a Celebrant?

Having a celebrant-led wedding gives you the freedom to hold your ceremony wherever you like, and at any time of day. In addition to traditional wedding venues, I can conduct weddings in picturesque forests, breezy hilltops, stunning Scottish lochs, pubs, village halls and really anywhere else you can think of! You may choose a completely non-religious wedding, or you may want to have a bible reading or a hymn included.
You can include the traditional elements such as saying “Aye do!”, or you might want to write your own wedding vows or special words. You can choose your own music, readings and poems, and decide where in the ceremony these will be read. You might want to have a handfasting, or another symbolic ritual, or even create your own new tradition. You can choose to wear traditional dress, or you can dress up like Batman. It’s completely up to you. However, I have lots of ideas and am happy to help you create your own unique ceremony.

Are there any hidden costs?

If you are planning a rehearsal, I charge an extra £75 + mileage, but outwith that there are no hidden charges.

What happens if we book you and then something happens and you cannot conduct our ceremony.

To date this has never happened, but if it should, you would be offered a replacement Celebrant, or if you prefer, a full refund so that you could choose another Celebrant. As well as being part of the Interfaith Foundation and a member of the Institute of Professional Celebrants (IPC), I have a number of Celebrant colleagues throughout Scotland who I can rely on should I be unable to conduct your Ceremony for any reason.

What happens in the run up to our Ceremony?

Once you have decided to choose me as your celebrant, and have returned the booking form and deposit…

  • You will receive a Booking Receipt, a ‘What’s Next?’ Booklet and a copy of the ‘Aye Do Guide to Putting Together your Ceremony’.

  • A face to face (or Skype if distance is an issue) meeting will then be arranged so that we can get to know each other, and get started on your preparations. The sooner we can do this the better.

  • 3 months before your Ceremony, we will arrange to meet for 2 hours, to allow me to gather all the information I need to write your Ceremony (we may meet in between this time if we think it’s necessary). Before this meeting you will be given access to a private area of this website, where you can see examples of some of my ceremonies as well as poems, readings, vows, ring exchanges and rituals so that you can build up an idea of what elements you like best.

  • 4 – 6 weeks before your Ceremony, you will be emailed the first draft copy of your ceremony and invited to add/remove or make any changes. We then just go back and forward via email until your are completely happy and in love with your Ceremony!

  • 2 – 3 weeks before your Ceremony, we will have a final pre-ceremony check (often at the venue) to iron out any creases and make sure everything is in order. It is my aim that by the time your special day arrives, you will feel you are being married by a friend, rather than a stranger and that I have written and delivered a script that reflects both your love for each other and your continuing journey together.

  • How do we book?!

    Great! Just click here to send me a few details about your Ceremony and I’ll get back to you faster than a Scotsman chasing a five pound note down the street!



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