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She has my heart, she has my hand, By secret Truth and Honor's band: Till the mortal stroke shall lay me low, I'm thine, my Highland Lassie, O.-

Rabbie Burns

Hi I’m Rev. Lindy!

Scotland… the land of ancient castles, mysterious lochs and misty glens, where everyone you meet has a PhD in friendly banter, you need subtitles to understand half the conversations, and “wee” is not just a word, it’s a way of life! And if there is one thing that Scots people love more than anything else… it’s a good celebration! Whether it’s a Legal Marriage Ceremony, Civil Partnership, Wedding Blessing, Commitment Ceremony, Handfasting or Vow Renewal … us Scots love a shindig!


Hello! and welcome to my website. I’m Rev. Lindy, a Celebrant & Interfaith Minister based in beautiful Central Scotland, and I have the best job in the world helping people to celebrate some of life’s major milestones. You can find out a bit more about me and my background here, or if you would like to meet me, click the video on the sidebar and if you scroll down the page, you can view some of my recent ceremony videos… but if you’re planning a celebration and would like a celebrant who is fun, upbeat, warm, friendly and who creates ceremonies which are filled with Humour & Heart, why not get in touch?


Please click on some of the links below or on the menu at the top of the page to find out more, or click here for lots of FAQs, and if you would like to enquire then please click here.

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Click here if you are having a ceremony with just the 2 of you present (or the 2 of you and 2 witnesses). This can be a Legal Ceremony, Commitment Ceremony, Civil Partnership or a Vow Renewal.

Wee Weddings

Click here if you are having a more intimate ceremony with fewer than 50 guests. I've called it ``Wee Weddings`` because it's cute, but as well as weddings, this could be for those having a Vow Renewal, Civil Partnership or Commitment Ceremony with less than 50 guests.


If your guest list falls between 50 and 100, I affectionately call it a 'Gaithering' – the sweet spot where intimacy meets celebration. It's no surprise that the Gaithering is a favourite, striking the perfect balance for a memorable and cherished ceremony.

Clan Weddings!

Click here if your guest list is longer than an Ikea receipt! (Over 100 Guests) This is for if you're inviting your entire family tree, including your second cousin's new girlfriend, your great uncle George who you've never even met, and an auntie who is not really your auntie, but your mum's best pal!


More Videos!

Aye Do Ceremonies
Alf & Lynne say "Aye STILL Do! " in Blair Castle, Scotland
Funny Wedding Ceremony Funny Wedding Ceremony
Aye Do Ceremonies
Kelly & Declan say "Aye Do!" in St. Luke's Glasgow
Aye Do Ceremonies
Ailsa & Darius say "Aye Do!" in the Edinburgh Caves
Aye Do Ceremonies
Jackie & Peter say "Aye STILL Do!" in Ayrshire, Scotland
Aye Do Ceremonies
Gavin & Amanda say "Aye Do!" in the Westerwood Hotel, Glasgow, Scotland
Aye Do Ceremonies
Kevin & Jen say "Aye Do!" at the Gailes Hotel in Irvine, Ayrshire.
Aye Do Ceremonies
Abby & Steve's Handfasting Ceremony
Hailes Castle, Scotland.

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